Curriculum Vitae Manfred Körner

1950 born in Vienna, Austria
1956 - 1960 Elementary School in Vienna
1960 - 1969 High School in Vienna
1967 development of the first graphic shown in exhibitions „Einsamkeit – sie nagt am Menschen“
Artistic training with Prof. Arminio Rothstein („Habakuk“) and work in his puppet theater „ARLEQUIN“ aswell as artistic training with Johann Frank already started during high school.
1972 - 1979 Artistic collaboration with August Kampfer
1979 beginning of exhibition activities; numerous exhibitions in Austria and aboard since 1982 (Italy, China, Japan, France)
1992 member of „Berufsvereinigung der Bildenden Künstler Österreichs“
1997 member of „Fächer“
1999 member of „Cultura Venezia“
2008 moving of studio and home to Mödling, Austria
since 2012 moving of studio and home to Krems, Austria
2017 Anniversary Exhibition „50 Jahre Malerei und Graphik“


Manfred Körner's works, carried out with meticulosity and precision, offer to the observer an opportunity to move into the painted world of non-existing spaces, remain there, and reveal the secrets of his symbols and metaphors.

He uses a supernatural language of signs, which is essentially different from the world as it is shown to us daily by rational sciences. Through objectifying isolation of things, the withdrawal of all atmospherics, an irrational element creeps into his works.

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